Thoughts from a Family Room Picnic

Yesterday afternoon, my friend and visiting teacher dropped by with a family-room picnic of brown bag lunches she and her three year old had put together for us.

Rachel has a three year old who's in the same primary class as Wyatt. She also has one-year-old twins. Needless to say, my kids were in heaven!

The picnic was absolutely perfect. My kids loved sharing a blanket and discovering all the goodies their brown bag treasure troves had to offer: PB&J's (which they both ate, even though they won't eat them when I make them thanksverymuch), Capri Suns, grapes, chocolate bunny cookies. 

And as Rachel and I sneaked bites of our lunches in around wrangling children, we shared some Mom-Conversation. The been-there, done-that's and the how-do-you's of a Mother of 5 (including twins) and a new Mother of 3.

I must say, I loved having the companionship and the understanding - especially when I was, once again, wearing no makeup (except lip gloss!).

In an e-mail earlier in the week, Rachel said to me:  

"At least we know in whatever challenges the Lord allows us, He can give us all we need to accomplish those things. I have had this incredibly beautiful song and its message in my head all weekend. It was sung by BYU Men's Chorus and it is from Isaiah 44:3. "I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring." In those months after having a baby, it is easy to get depleted in so many ways. Remember the source for living water, find the ways to feel and His love and share it with your family. He will take care of you. Also, one of the ways He takes care of you is through others."

He takes care of me through others, indeed!

I have taken courage and comfort from Rachel's words several times this week. The reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, we will have the resources to overcome. The reminder that when we are feeling dry and depleted, we can turn to the source of living water. The invitation to share the blessings we receive with our family. 

And - most of all - the reminder that the way Heavenly Father often chooses to answer prayer is through others. And so we women - independent though we may wish to always appear to be - need to remember to accept help. Recognize it when it is offered, and be grateful. 

I admit - I always think I'll ask for help, but when it comes down to it I always cower into trying to do everything myself. Delegation? Forget it! I was even unsure about having Rachel come visit because I knew there'd be a good chance my house wouldn't be clean and I wouldn't be showered. Think of what I would have missed!

Because...the Relief Society, I think, is in place to teach us to allow ourselves to be helped JUST as much as it is to teach us to help others. Charity is the pure love of Christ. That's not a one sided deal. After all, Christ in his infinite wisdom allowed his feet to be washed by his disciples.

I think I'm starting to really understand the Companionship of Women thing that Emma Smith was after. I'm starting to get how essential it is - how neatly this would fit into a Perfect Plan.

Thank you, Rachel, for teaching me. 

And for the sandwiches!


That Girl said...

May I ask you to let me use this in our RS?

No, really.