Conference Sunday

"Conference weekend is like a vacation," Soup said, explaining to Cleve why one had to have treats on Conference Sunday. She and Cleve were headed off on a late-night run to the store for me to pick up some sausage for the traditional Conference Sunday Breakfast Casserole. Cleve was thinking that with the breakfast casserole, the fruit salad, the breakfast gooey rolls and muffins we were probably set on the food. But Soup and I know. The food is for before, between and after conference. The treats are for during and for the inevitable game playing that would happen Sunday night.

"Exactly!" I said.

Soup and Cleve stayed the night last night (fun!) and will be partaking of the Conference Sunday Goodness all day today (fun, fun!). Mom and Dad are in Moab doing their bike thang (go, 'rents!) and will be back this afternoon, so it was up to us to keep the traditional Conference Sunday Breakfast going.

Plus - I just really wanted breakfast casserole and gooey rolls.

It's my first time making gooey rolls. Don't tell Cleve.

I love General Conference. LOVE. General Conference always means renewed hope, answered prayer, re-commitment and rejuvenation. Fresh courage to take! More somethings to do! And our beloved Prophet of the World - with his delightful sense of humor.

Join me?

You can stream the sessions (and find archived sessions) here.

Don't forget the treats.


MikkSolo said...

I miss the cabin!