Everything Smells Like Poop

I'm loving the 'diaper days', but it seems to me, lately, that everything smells like poop.

I wander from room to room, sniffing suspiciously and seeking out a rogue diaper that must have somehow missed the garbage - but there is no culprit to be found.

Stinky house = worst fear.

The thing that really drives me crazy is that I can never tell if I'm ACTUALLY smelling something, or if I just THINK I smell something, because this is a tricky smell. It doesn't waft through the air and get stronger the closer you get to the source like most helpful type smells do. It hits randomly, and at odd intervals. And once I've smelled it, I'm never sure if I'm still smelling it - and did I really smell it in the first place?

Also - we went through an entire Costco pack of wet wipes (I'm talking the entire box!) in under two weeks.

People who do cloth diapers? I'm impressed and also horrified by you.


Mandy said...

Ha ha this had me laughing. I feel the same way about the poop smelling sometimes. I swear it's there but my husband says I'm imagining it!

Hel said...

I went through a phase like that. I could smell this bad smell randomly. it was like I was getting some sort of bad smell paranoia.

Is it really possible to do cloth diapers when you have more than one in diapers? I think your entire day would be consumed with diapers....

Tristan said...

Too funny to read - I've been there. Days like that are when I bundle everyone up in coats and open the windows just to air out the house.

We do cloth diapers, it's really not bad at all. I've had 2 or 3 children in cloth diapers at a time for the last 6.5 years. Right now I've got 2. It's just an extra load of laundry each day. You hardly notice by the time you've got 6 kids like I do...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I had both my kids in cloth diapers for a while and still only had to do wash every other day. I thought it would be bad (I was very attached to disposables with my first baby) but I actually really like it a lot. I wasn't changing diapers all day all the time either. I prefer cloth diapers for several reasons: 1) cost 2) no blowouts. They take about 5 seconds more for me to put on than disposables.

No blowouts is one of the best things ever about cloth diapering a newborn because I ended up having a lot less time spent squirting clothes with stain remover and washing them compared to taking care of the diapers. Since breastfed poop can just go through the wash, it's super easy to just throw it in the pail. And since my children have IBS of some sort, I hate putting disposables on them even now because those disposables just don't compare to cloth with holding it all in.

While I was cloth diapering two little ones, I was saving at least $100 a month on diapers and since I can reuse the diapers with this next little one, I will save even more than that. It's really not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be when I first tentatively tried it out! I used to think cloth diapers were the devil! :)

Jeff and Ari said...

I have serious issues with the faint house aroma ... especially when I just can't quite determine the source. Hence, I clean my house like a mad-woman a lot :)!

I just read your comment about my new church bag. I think my SIL charges $30-$35 for a bag.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

1. Yes, I should be asleep.

2. Phantom poop smell used to drive me crazy. I totally get it.