How Many McCrery's Does It Take... replace a lightbulb?

Or - rather - a basement apartment full of burned out bulbs?

It takes both Bill and I, because apparently we both really enjoy it. We took turns being the one to unscrew the dead bulb, and took turns being the one to hold the new bulb at the ready, and take the dead bulb to its place of infinite rest.

It felt a little like surgery. Only not as messy. Bet definitely as exciting!


"Right away, doctor!"

And now we have soft, round 40 watt bulbs above the sink in the bathroom. A soft glow perfect for mid-night bottle making or sink-bathing a baby. And we have blazing 100 watters in the main room - perfect major lighting for the most commonly used room in a basement. And we have the cute swirly guys in the sconces on the walls.

And we now have several varieties in inventory. So that we can fix things more immediately. So we don't end up with a basement apartment full of burned out bulbs, again. So the kids' request for 'light under the door' can be granted. So we don't have to hold the flashlight up to the spider on the wall to see if it is the scary kind or not.

Is it weird how exciting I am finding this whole thing?

It is, isn't it?