I Haint Got No Skills

I wish I could play the guitar.

I own a guitar. I've taken classes. I just still can't play.

I also took piano lessons and can't play worth beans (not talking Jack's beans, 'cause those are worth a whole cow!). I guess I only had room in my talent-brain for one instrument, and violin was it.

But there is something so romantic to me about the portable nature of the guitar. To be able to break into accompanied song whenever I desire! Around the camp fire on a lonely mountain top! No more acapella hymns during FHE! Imagine the awesomeness of the good-night lullabye with a guitar hefted on my shoulder!

I still pull out my guitar and attempt to play every now and again. I keep thinking that something will click and I'll just suddenly be able to play. Go spend a year out behind the barn (musician reference. Can wannabe's make 'in crowd' references?). My fingers just won't form the shapes they need to to create those chords!

I think my fingers are too small. I don't have the span.

Do they have kid-sized guitars? They have kid-sized violins.

Or maybe I'll take up the mandolin. Worked really well for Chris Thile.

Has anyone ever found a mandolin in their Easter basket?


Hel said...

My sister just took up mandolin.... hmmm about a year ago actually. She loves it. But she also plays clarinet and piano. I'm not sure how well she plays any of these instruments.

Tamsin said...


Work Email said...

My favorite thing to play? The radio!