Plus, Free Tiny Shampoo Bottles!

Some day, I'll be the type of person that travels.

Maybe I'll be on a book tour, or maybe my super-talented and successful husband will take a year's hiatus from his career and we'll take the family out to see the world. Or maybe I'll just be in the position to take a weekend away once in a while - with my best friend Billy or with 'my girls' or by myself. Whatever.

Probably my favorite part of traveling is staying in a hotel. I love staying in a hotel. Isn't that strange? I am a fan of the Hampton Inn and Suites - have you experienced their pillows? The last time we stayed at a Hampton, I forced Bill to call the front desk to ask if I could keep my pillow. No, he said. I'd totally pay for it, I said. You have to buy it from their online store, he said. Sigh. So much for a heavenly 8 hour drive home.

I've stayed in a hotel by myself only once. My one and only taste of what it might be like to live alone. I was attending a writing bootcamp, so my evenings were filled with reading manuscripts and writing my own, sprawled across a huge bed with my borrowed laptop, imagining to my little hearts content that this was what my life was really like. A mysterious red-head coming and going from her hotel room, always carrying an intriguing well-designed satchel, and ordering room service at two o'clock in the morning.

My hotel would have room service at two o'clock in the morning.

The wait staff would discover my affinity for grapefruit.

And probably diet coke.

Now I dream of taking my family interesting places - and staying in interesting hotel rooms. Where we can stay up all night and play games. Or watch old TV show reruns. Or just giggle.

And then in the morning, we'll try to sneak our complimentary breakfast up to our room so we can eat our bacon while watching cartoons.

And later - much later - when all of our children have left our nest, and Bill and I find ourselves with a lot of time and each other to fill our days with, we will celebrate our accomplishments, and we will go to lots of movies and eat lots of sushi and we will TRAVEL. We will go on Senior Mission after Senior Mission - and maybe I'll finally be able to speak Spanish with him - until our bodies tell us we have to stop.

You know, like when we're 90.

And then we'll just hold hands all day long and drink grapefruit juice, and fall asleep on our pillows that we lifted from the Hampton Inn and Suites during our mischievous phase in our 60's.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Sounds perfect. Can Matt and I come too? We still need to make a date, by the way.

Stepper the Mighty said...

Stephanie - YES PLEASE! On both accounts!