So this one Easter... Mom put on a big hunt in the back yard for the entire family.

We're talking the ENTIRE FAMILY (now a yearly tradition). Extended variety, Mom's side. Each cousin had their own color of egg to find, and let me tell you. My parents know how to hide eggs.

I was watching my figure. As in - I had just lost 20lb of first-year-of-college-mistakes and was still working on the final five.

So guess what was in my speckled green (of course) eggs?

Beef jerky and money.

Best. Parents. Ever.

The End.


Tamsin said...


Danyelle said...

I hate cadburry eggs, but I bought an entire box full of them for my husband because he loves them- and lets face it- he keeps me warm at night. He got 3. Anderson ate the rest. The end.

Stepper the Mighty said...

Danyelle - was this also an object lesson on the hazards of leaving things lying around where children can get them? Because that is diabolically brilliant.