This is how it goes...

"Wyatt, time to sit up for breakfast."
"I'm not Wyatt, I'm Astro!"

"Wyatt, can you do me a favor?"
"Why not?"
"Because, I'm not Wyatt, I'm Thomas the Tank Engine!"

"Wyatt, time to sit up for lunch."
"Wyatt, right now please."
"Wyatt! Lunch! You can draw on your magnadoodle after you're done!"
"No, Mom, just a sec. I hafta finish this engine."

"Wow, it sure is a blustery day."
"No, it's NOT blustery! It's wind!"

"Mom, will you draw me a tractor?"
"Sure." (draws)
"No! That's not the right one. I want a DIGGER!"

"Wyatt, time to go potty and get your jammies on."
"Nonono, I'm a pirate! Aargh!"
"Okay, Pirate, go potty."
(walks in opposite direction)
"Wyatt, right now please."
"Pirate, I mean it. Potty. Right now. I don't want you to have to be in trouble."
"Yes, I DO be in trouble. I'm a pirate, and that's NAUGHTY!"

"Wyatt, get back in bed."
"But...but...Mooooooom! I need a drink!"
"no more drinks, it's bed time."
"But no Mom, I needed to go potty."
"You already went potty. It's time for bed."
"But I had a bad dream."
"You haven't been asleep yet. Back in bed."
"But, but, I just have to ask you a question."
"Ask me tomorrow, it's time for bed."
etc. etc. etc.

He definitely forces us to be creative. I can't help but respect his willpower. It's on his turf and done his way (which is usually decided based on the opposite of what I suggest) or it's nothing.

And he's awfully cute running around with a pirate patch over one eye all day long.


Anonymous said...

Good work Mom. You are definitely in training for the teen years. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sharon:)