Vote Bill! (I will build you a cake?)

I know this super talented Graphic Designer. He's not only super talented, he's also darn good looking and a snappy dresser.

Oh, and a really good kisser.

So anyway, this graphic designer I know collaborated with a few fellow graphic designers to create a short film about the silly parking situation at UVU - sports announcer style. They even got a professional sports announcer to do the voice work of one of the announcers! (Recognize the voice? recognize the voice of the other announcer?)

(or watch it here.)

They've entered the vid into the AIGA 100 show. This is what is known as a Big Deal. On many levels. The video wasn't chosen to represent in one of the categories the judges choose (boo!), but it IS featured in the 'people's choice' category. And so far, it has a real chance of winning!

We want the video to win, people.

(And not just because Stepper is hoping they will give a certain Graphic Designer a comp ticket for his plus-one so she can go see the show.)

So! Wanna vote for it?

Go HERE. The link should take you right there, but in case it doesn't, the video is on page 8, first row, fourth over. UVU Parking Classic.

To vote, click on the yellow stars underneath (Netflix style). I think you'll agree it's worth a five star voting. I mean, the flying saucer alone...!


Wendy said...

It was fun! Thanks for sharing. Oh I went and voted too.