Why Dye? Egg-Bot to the RESCUE!

Does the task of beautifying hard-boiled eggs feel problematic?

Do the little dye-cups filled with vibrant and permanent liquid pigment in the hands of your three-year-old make you anxious?

Tired of the purple and green fingers that result no matter how careful you were in removing the slippery guys from their dye cups?

The solution is simple, my friends. Next time, why not employ a robot to do the job for you? The  Egg-Bot is certainly up to the challenge!

Simply put the egg in this thingy:

And watch as this cute little robot turns your usual Easter egg splotchy mess into an impressive work of precision art that will impress your friends, your neighbors, and - most importantly - your kids!

Watch him in action:

Just look at what this little guy can do:

He's great at parties, and look! He's useful around Christmas as well!

(This is the part where I tell you this was not a paid promotion. Egg-bot doesn't know I exist. Though if they wanted to send me one, I would probably play with it obsessively throughout the year.)


Grandpa Rusty said...

That's a marvelous gizmo. And you don't have the eggs-asperation of getting nearly done decorating one only to have it crack in your hand, or the eggs-cruciating feeling of that freshly decorated egg slipping off your fingers and falling to floor.