...yes, but...I don't bake pies.

I read this book once.

The heroine, Becky, has a habit of baking two pies on Sunday. One for her family, and one to give away. She never knows who the second pie will go to until it's made. Then she says a little prayer to guide her to a family in need, and delivers the pie to the family that comes to mind.

I don't remember much of the story (it was cute; LDS chick-lit - not my usual book fare - but I am a fan of the author's work in other genres) but this thing with the pies stayed with me.

I just loved that idea. Being so pro-active about a way to serve. I decided I wanted to do that, too.

Except I've never made a pie in my life. I mean a real pie. I've made ice-cream pies and pudding pies - but never anything beyond a store-bought crust and a simple filling. I tried to make an apple pie, once, but somehow the recipe for one small apple pie turned into two huge apple tarts. That my apple-pie lovin' husband wouldn't eat.

I'm more of a cake girl (cough).

So I wanted to do this idea - but not literally. Some day, I plan to be disgustingly wealthy and I'll be able to do it with money. Like in Connie Willis' 'The Bellwether'. Like my new hero Jill. But right now, while I'm stinkin' poor, I'll have to scale it small.

I would bake cakes, but considering the disasters the last few cakes I've made have turned out to be - I think that wouldn't technically be considered 'service'.

So in my pondering of the subject - I decided that the attitude most closely linked with that of service was gratitude.

So here's my plan.

Thank-you notes.

Because who doesn't like (and need) to feel appreciated? I have found over years of observation that most people have NO CLUE what they mean to others. How appreciated they are. How valued.

There are a few thank-you notes I've received that I have kept over the years and have a permanent place at my bedside table. Notes I re-read when I need a pick-me up, or a reminder that I matter.

So each week, I'm going to find someone (a-la two-pies method) who has done or is something that I truly appreciate, and I'm going to let them know. In tangible, re-readable note form.

The rules:

  • The note can't be for a gift that I would have written a thank-you note for, anyway (i.e. birthday gift). Those notes are important - but don't count for this project. 
  • The note has to be hand-written.
  • The note has to be sent within a week from being written (or I'll end up with a letter pile of gratitude only ever felt by me).
Ready? Go!


Danyelle said...

AWESOME idea. Who wouldn't love random 'you rock' note. Leave it to you to think of such a genius plan. Your adorable. As are your kids. As is your blog. You inspire me.

Wendy said...

Beautiful idea. Best of luck with your new adventure!