Charms...Lucky Charms...

Charami (aka Charms) is an island girl living in a desert. She has some pretty intense struggles with pregnancy (has to give herself a shot every day! Incredibly sick the whole way through!), yet feels entirely blessed to be expecting her second, due to arrive late October.

I met Charami when we both worked at New Haven. I would sneak away to her English Room after the girls had gone back to the houses for lunch, and we would dish about the joys of pregnancy (she was expecting her first, I my second), our incredible spouses, and the world of books.

We still plan to get together for that back yard barbeque. Maybe this summer, Charms?

Anyway, she was kind enough to allow me to guest over in her bloggy-space.

Care to visit?


Charms said...

I would LOVE to catch up, especially over delicious BBQ food. And let me check my schedule...yep--as I thought. Free all summer...

Let me know! :)