Grammie and Oompa are in the House!

And that is big news.

Just ask Daphne, who warmed immediately to Oompa and ran in circles laughing with pure joy for twenty minutes straight. She has never done that, before.

And Wyatt, who immediately became an airplane with detachable wings - an old set and a new set - that only Grammie or Oompa had the power to repair for him.

Or you could ask Stepper, who received inspired gifts of Trader Joes cornbread and rice crackers; and a beautiful quilt and burp clothes for Henry, homemade by Aunt Maim before she passed away. Bless that woman.

Not to mention the three doll beds and high chair that are currently rocking my world (more on those, later, because - you guys gotta see these).

Or you could ask my parents, who received a birdhouse that Garry made for them himself. It is beautiful. Beautiful.

I didn't know he could do that.

It doesn't surprise me.

After we put the kids down, we sat in our family room and watched the videos Bill made. Then some old home movies, featuring Shirley when she was in High School through when she married Garry (Oh, how I wish we had footage of their wedding!). She pointed out who was who - and so I got to see Bill's grandmother and grandfather.

And Bill's dad, who was a teenager in these movies, and - as Bill said - was always being "a bit of a dickens."

Then we talked about life, love, and change until we were all yawning, and decided to pick up where we left off tomorrow.

c'mon, tomorrow!



Grandpa Rusty said...

The birdhouse was indeed a marvel. I think it is better built than our actual abode - I'm jealous of the sparrows that will get to call it home.

Thanks, Garry!