Help a Stepper Out?

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2010 AIGA Copper Ingot Award. Isn't it purty?
Hi, friends.

Remember how my sweet and talented husband and his team created a video that is competing to win the coveted People's Choice award at the AIGA 100 show? Remember how I already asked you all to go vote for his video? (Thank you!)

The situation is this:

The UVU Parking Classic (that's Bill's video) is neck and neck with a magazine spread for the win. They each have four and a half-ish out of five stars - and it could go either way.

The voting ends tomorrow.

I really want Bill to take home that Ingot.

Listen - that video was the product of a LOT of sweat, tears, sleepless nights, and runs to the vending machine. For Bill and his teammate. It is very deserving of recognition for both of them. Not to mention how much attention the video has received from the higher-ups at the University the video features.

Not to also mention how great an AIGA award-winning piece would be in his portfolio arsenal.

Not to also mention how much I really really really want to go to the 100 show - and if the good MC at the event might honor my husband, there's no way I'm missing it. Expense and babysitter hassles be darned!

Not to also mention how much I dearly love my husband, and how big-deal this project has been for him - both the creation of it and the response it's received thus far. I really want him to win.

(Not to also mention how nice I think that Ingot would look displayed on our shelf.)

So I think that we should all rally our collective forces (for good!) and make one last push for Bill's video, don't you? Don't you like that plan?

If you haven't voted already, can I persuade you to donate a moment of your time to do so? I thought of making everyone cookies in trade, but Bill said that smacks of bribery. (You like chocolate chip?)

And here's the other thing - do you have more than one computer at home? A laptop, perhaps? Or do you have friends who have computers? Because each IP address gets a vote, so even if you have voted you could, you know, vote again.

Five stars for the win!

So, what do you think? Will you help a couple of big-dreaming (slightly-scheming) artists out?

Go here to vote - the video is first row, fourth over. It's called "UVU Parking Classic." You can't watch the video from the site, because that would be too convenient. If you want to watch it again, go here (or here).

Thanks, friends.



Laura said...

You don't know me (do you love messages that start with that? not creepy at all.) but I've reading your blog for a few months (more creepy. nice.) As a fellow wife and also a graphic designer who likes to help people achieve their goals, I posted the link and a demand to give it 5 stars as on my facebook.

Just so you know.