Henry's Blessing

What a Sunday.

Henry was blessed, today. As I sat up on the stand (Bill and I also spoke in Sacrament Meeting) and looked out over the congregation, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of so many friends and family members that came to help make the day special for our family.

Shirley and Garry, of course, who came from Clarkston, Washington to share the joy of this day with us - and sat with Wyatt while Bill and I were up on the stand.
Pam and Mike - whom I haven't seen in over a year - surprised us by attending. I got to see their son for the first time.
Kolby and Kristie with their two kiddo's, who made the 45 minute drive from Spanish Fork in a gesture of friendship and support.
Mikelle - who kept grinning at me whenever we made eye contact during the meeting. Thanks, dude.
My sister Jamie, her husband Jeff and their family - even though their youngest was sick, they came so that Jeff could participate in the circle. It wouldn't have been the same without him.
My grandparents - both sets - for whom the journey out to Highland is not easy.
The Mikkelsons and their gang - who always emanate loving support to our little family, and who kept my daughter all loved and entertained during the meeting.
Ali and Steve - when we finally made it back to the house after the meeting, Ali was in the kitchen getting everything set out for lunch. I really appreciate that.And Steve for doing some folding-chair heavy lifting.
Meg and Cleve - for all their help with wrangling my kids at the church (and out to the car in the rain, thanks Cleve!) and all the help at the house to get lunch going.
Bill and Laura - who have been to EVERY family event they have been able to come to. That's dedication. And Bill tends to dote on my kids - which, of course, I love.
Ben and Stacie - their time together is precious as a newly engaged couple living in separate states. But they chose to spend their Sunday afternoon with us.
Rebekah Kaylor, for taking over on my Primary Class, and for making it a point to return my Primary Bag to me after church. 

My dad - who as a member of the Stake High Council always has very busy Sundays - but he made us know in no uncertain terms that Henry's Blessing event was today's very big deal. And for all the yard work to make things 'guest ready' and mowing the lawn yesterday so Bill wouldn't have to this week, and could focus on all the other stuff.

And my mother - who slaved all day in the yard, just in case the weather cooperated and we could all be outside. Who was with me in the kitchen last night, and met me again in the kitchen early this morning. Who allowed me to sneak a load of Henry's laundry through the wash even though it was her day. Who made cookies and brownies 'just in case'. Who cleaned the entire house without a lick of help from me this week. Who made sure I had thought of everything. Whose understanding smile I looked for whenever I fell apart, overcome with emotion, while giving my talk. Who carefully bathed and dressed my little Henry this morning in preparation for his big day while I frantically ran around assembling all the last-minutes.

We could not have pulled it off without you, Mom.

And my dear, sweet husband, who gave Henry a beautiful blessing - and gave a beautiful talk filled with his personal testimony and conviction about the truthfulness of this work.

I am so grateful for this Gospel, and I am so grateful for my Family. And I am learning more and more how deeply related the two things are.


Tamsin said...

I so wish we could have been there! Could you feel our little hearts loving you from across the world? Because they totally were.