Dear Bill,

Thanks for admitting that you like that I can sometimes be a bit of a clean-freak. I thought of that while I was vacuuming the kitchen floor after the kids ate lunch, today, and it made the chore much more enjoyable. I think Wyatt was wondering what I was smiling at (while he stat at the counter stubbornly refusing to eat his bananas).

Love Squeet

Dear Mikks,

Thanks for coming over last night for dinner and games - even though it was a school night. Risch - I like what you said as you were rounding up your troops to head home at the slightly late hour: You'd rather live your lives doing what you enjoy rather than around a school schedule. Shawn, you are hilarious as always. Had - thank you for playing with Daphne. She seriously loves you, and it makes this mother's heart happy to see her enjoy her evening so much. Ann - I love those hugs! I count on them. Vik - you are one charming lady. K - Wyatt is still playing with the track you guys built. Grandpa said he could leave it up overnight - such a treat!

Let's play again soon, yeah?

Love Step

Dear Wyatt,

Seriously, dude. Just eat the bananas.

Love Mom
Dear CraftyAshley,

I read somewhere that a mother of twins is stronger. Not because the act of having twins makes a woman stronger, but because a woman who has twins is stronger in the first place. When I read that, I thought of you.

Love Stepper
 Dear That Girl,

I'm sending you something in the mail. Just as soon as I can make it to the post office.

Which will be this month, if I'm lucky.

Love, Stepper
Dear Mom,

Thanks for folding the towels I left in the dryer. Seriously. That was such a treat!

Love, Sunni
Dear Wyatt,

Thanks for finally eating those bananas! Now - it's time for a nap. Lets see if we can accomplish this task without tears and an hour of protesting, eh? And when Daddy gets home and you and Daphne wake up from your naps, we can all go on a walk. Deal?

Love, Mom

Dear Daphne,

Thanks for always falling right to sleep. Bless you.

Love, Mom


craftyashley said...

That made my day like you could never imagine. Thank you!

That Girl said...

I shall be waiting anxiously! ;o)

(But not TOO anxiously ... I know how post offices errands are ...)

Grandpa Rusty said...

Dear Art,

Thanks for sharing yourself in the blogosphere. I love reading them.