Miyazaki, How I Love You

Are you familiar with the awesomeness of Hayao Miyazaki?

He's most recognized for this movie:

But every single one of his projects has the same dedication to detail, to the patient exploration of character, to - well - honest storytelling.

I am a story junkie. Therefore I am a Miyazaki fan.

I highly recommend you check him out. I could lend you one of his stories if you like.

Bill's favorite:

My favorite:

Wyatt's favorite:

Daphne's favorite: TBD

Henry's favorite: TBD


Nae said...

I LOVE Howl's Moving Castle. :) I love Miyazaki.

craftyashley said...

My girls can't get enough of Ponyo! I thought the story as pretty odd, I liked Spirited Away much more. The girls disagree- they sing the end credits Ponyo song all the time!

Hel said...

I LOVE Ponyo!!!

Christina D said...

I love Howl's Moving Castle too. I also loved the book. He did a great job making it into a movie. :)

Janey said...

Ohmygosh, Cam loves Panyo. When we found it on Netflix instant play, I was like "what in the crap is this" and it turned out to be a really cute story.

Shooting Starchild said...

My family loves Howl too! We watched the movie, then looked up the book. Then we discovered there are two more books! (Though Howl and Sophie aren't in the other two as much.) We also looked up the saucepan song (Sausban Fach - Welch rugby song) and tend to get it stuck in each other's heads now...