OH BROTHER said Mother

How you know not only that a kid lives here, but that this kid has older siblings:

How you know that Mom has chilled over the years: Rather than running to save baby, she runs for camera.

...and doesn't clean spit-up before taking picture.

Also - everyone please appreciate how nicely my baby has chubbed out.
Isn't he a morsel?

(Taking part in the "A Family Lives Here" series.

Stop on by!)


Queen Scarlett said...

YES! This picture makes me drool - I'm hungry... mmmm chub.

The Aprecios said...

Henry is ADORABLE. Yes, in caps adorable.

PS-Most likely not going to get you a pic of Sam and I. For some reason that was an impossible feat this week. Thanks for the compliments though :)

McCrery said...

Very cute! He looks so much like Wyatt in the first picture.. and in the second picture I can see a resemblence between Mason and Henry! Can't wait till Sept to get the two of them together!!!

craftyashley said...

And clearly has a sister because he's on a pink burp cloth. My Mom would have gasped- like she did when I swaddled Little Man in a pink wrap. Lol