Random Stepper Trivia - Impress Your Friends!

I usually don't like salad dressing on my salads. I use cottage cheese instead, or some lemon.

I don't own a gun. Bill owns a few - inherited from his dad - but they're being stored right now at his brother's house in WA. Bill says eventually we'll get a safe and they will live with us. I still don't know how I feel about that.

I have a thing for Izzie sodas. I used to have a thing for Cranberry Snapple.

I have never tasted coffee. I've never smoked anything. In fact, I get a little too high on Cold Medicine for my liking.

I get nervous at doctors appointments. Not because doctors scare me, but because I stress that I won't remember to ask all the questions I've thought of before the appointment. Or that I'll chicken out.

I am a dog person. I love dogs. But now that I have kids, I'm not sure I want one as a pet.

Hot dogs, on the other hand, make me morbidly curious. Because - what is that thing?

My favorite traditional Christmas Carol is O Holy Night.

My favorite kind of juice is grapefruit. But if I can have grapefruit and cranberry juice mixed? It's going to be a good morning.

I can do push-ups, but I try not to.

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. It's like a little friend that always tags along. I haven't been able to wear it, now, for about six months. It's driving me crazy. I also love my pearl earrings my hubby gave me on our first anniv, and I have an antique-ish heart box necklace that I adore. Of course, I don't wear jewelry right now. Too many little yanking fingers.

I love to cook. I love to bake. But I can't stand the daily 'what's for dinner' bo-jiz. Weird, right?

Jamie is my oldest friend. I've known her for, like, my ENTIRE LIFE!

I wish I had a job that paid me to travel. Even if I only ever got to see the hotel room, because - have you heard? - I love hotels.

I own three different kinds of slippers. My cute around-the-house crocheted slippers, my fuzzy black my-feet-are-fuh-reezing slippers, and my grey slippers that can pass as regular shoes when my feet are pregnant.

My sister Soup has identical pairs of the last two kinds of slippers I mentioned.

I still sometimes put on a red t-shirt on Fridays out of habit, even though Steve has been home for months.

I can whistle - but I can't do the warbly whistle thingy that my dad and uncles can do. I try, and it just sounds like I'm choking.

My favorite color of all time is green.

My current seasonal favorite right now is Orange.

I would be the most famous pirate on the high seas - but I'd earn this reputation by rumor alone. I wouldn't pillage or plunder. I'd be too busy appearing fearsome and mysteriously attractive at the same time.

I don't like satin. I don't like silk. I don't like fleece. But give me cool, crisp cotton, and I'm a happy girl.

I used to sing in the shower. Now I am as quiet as possible so that hopefully nobody will remember I'm there, and I can shower uninterrupted.

I get a little thrill every time I hear my husband's full name. To me, it just screams tall dark and handsome leading love-interest in an edwardian spy novel.

I always lose my keys.

I've only broken one bone. My leg. When I was 2. I remember falling, and I remember the cast, and I remember having itchy chicken pox under the cast. But mostly, I remember how terrified I was when the doctor was going to remove it with what looked to me like a giant electric pizza cutter.

I love Utah. I love Washington. I miss the other when I am living in one.

We have one TV - not a flat-screen - and I sometimes feel like we have one too many.

It's not that I hate it when people talk in the movie theater, because I like it when Bill leans in and whispers something he noticed in my ear. It's that I don't like it when people say pointless or obvious things in the movie theater. Loudly. Kills the mood.

My very favorite candy in the whole world? Haribo Grapefruit Gummies. Slightly stale.

At 1:00am last night, I was secretly sitting out on our orange couch, reading my book. The rest of the family was in bed - where I should have been - but dang. I was at a really good part.

I have decided that I am going to read every book that Orson Scott Card has written. Because people ask me my opinion on his books a lot - and I recently became aware that there are several of his earlier books that I haven't read, yet. Plus - I love his stories.

I love playing with my hair. I mean - I love changing it up. A lot. When I worked in an office, my co-workers admitted that when I first started working there, for the first few months they thought there were a few different receptionists, because my hair was constantly changing. I also love my hair to be played with, but I like it best when Bill does the playing. And I'm lying on the couch with my head in his lap. And we're watching a really great movie.

I love my freckles.


craftyashley said...

Do. Not. Get. A. Dog. Or.. at least take my dog. He pees on kids' toys- for fun.

Briana said...

I love, love, love your shower comment (well, all of your comments, but this one made me laugh). Who could have predicted back when, that an uninterrupted shower would be such a joy? It happens on such rare occasion.
P.S. I love having a dog:) I, unlike you, was NOT a dog person. But my husband was definitely, absolutely, and in no way, a cat person. So we got a dog. Now I want another one, a bigger one. What happend to me?! Let me just add that I refuse to get a second one until we have a decent sized yard for the creature, plenty of room to play... and perhaps money to get it groomed. Because I hate grooming a big dog.