Stepper's Mother's Day Gift Guide - the Money Version

(As usual, none of these recommendations are sponsored. I just like what I like!)

If my kids suddenly found themselves with an expendable income, these gems would be on my Wish List for this Mother's Day.

My kids don't have an expendable income. The 'Humble Means' wish list version, tomorrow!


Mother and Child Sleeping - by J Kirk Richards.
The first time I saw this painting, it spoke to my soul. It still brings tears to my eyes. See the whole Mother and Child series here. See the amazing transition of this painting here.
Greeting cards and prints available at his shop.


Wouldn't you (or your mother) love to wear this lovely token of her children's love about her neck?
See The Vintage Pearl's entire line of lovelies here.


You may always tote all your children along with you - but that doesn't mean you can't do so in style. And a great diaper bag can go a long way toward making the errand feel fresher - not to mention more organized, less chaotic, and more pleasant!


Every mother needs a little inspiration every now and then - not to mention a reading break!


Yes, friends. Pajama Jeans. I seriously do want some. Seems to me these would be the perfect answer to the tricky wardrobe questions of expecting moms just beginning to expand, recent moms who are still in Deflation Phase (holla!), moms who are traveling with all their kids and need at least one reliable comfort, and moms who have to make a quick run to the store with all their kids and spent all her prep time getting the kids dressed, leaving no time to consider her own outfit - it's running out in sweats, but...not.

Too good to be true?

I'd like to find out.


It never fails. You have to take your kid's temperature, but they're fast asleep! Or squirmy! Or very, very tiny - and the usual thermometer is simply not ideal. Welcome the Kidz-Med VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer! Accurate reading every time, and you don't even have to TOUCH them!

A good time for your inner geek, too. To check it out in action, scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon link to watch a 1.5 minute video. Seriously so cool!


Danyelle said...

I found a temple reading thermometer at Macey's for $10. All you do is touch it to their little space to the side of their eye and in about 3 seconds it reads. I LOVE IT!! And for $10 you can't go wrong!!

Valerie said...

Pretty awesome stuff on your guide, although I can't say pajama jeans are on my list. :) I saw J. Kirk Richards talk at an art museum a couple of months ago and now see his artwork everywhere...and I love it! Hope you had a great Mother's Day. (I found ya on One Lucky Charms' blog)