water is tricky

One week of reconstruction and $650 later, our Spanish Fork home will be good as new - or so we have been promised. Thank you for your concern!

"Water is tricky," said Camille, our stellar insurance agent. "It can look like nothing, and be a big deal - or it can look like a big deal, and be nothing."

I have decided that I really, really, reallyreally like insurance.

Who knew that a clogged toilet could be so disastrous?
(Or is it: who knew that a 9 year old boy could be so disastrous?)

But thank heaven for professionals and masters of their trade, because if I lived in the olden-days and had to rely on my own devices to fix up my log-cabin home, that thing would last as long as Eeyore's house.
(Or is it: if I lived in the olden days, we would all know how to build and fix our own houses?)

Speaking of how water is tricky...did you know that there are 7 properties that are unique only to water?

Got your Geek on? Here they are:

  1. Water sticks to itself (cohesive) AND sticks to other stuff (adhesive)!
  2. Water weighs less as a solid than it does as a liquid. This is why ice floats!
  3. Water carries an electric current
  4. It is a universal solvent (it'll dissolve your alka-seltzer and the grand canyon, yo!)
  5. It is found naturally on the earth in 3 forms - solid, liquid, gas.
  6. It boils faster if you put cold water into the pot than if you put hot water into the pot
  7. And the last one, which I can't remember. What? Chemistry was, like, twelve years ago!


Danyelle said...

That 9 year old boy is kind of cute though, troublesome it sounds like, but cute. Sorry about the water problems :(

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I didn't know you had a house in Spanish Fork? Do you rent it out?

Stepper the Mighty said...

Danyelle - I only met him once, but he *was* cute! :D

Steph - yes, we're renting it out.

Windy Dawn said...

I believe the last one you are looking for is that water expands as it gets colder. So don't fill your water bottle full, put the cap on and then put it in the freezer. Well, not unless you want to ruin the bottle...

Grandpa Rusty said...

Another unique property is that it quenches thirst, way more than say... sand.