weeds and floods

This evening found us at my grandmother's house. With all my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, etc. We all arrived for the annual 'yard blitz', wherein we - with trowels and buckets in hand - attack Grandma's yard with a year's worth of zeal and transform it into a clean, weeded, planted, edged and hedged wonderland.

Grandma moved about us, offering gifts of beverage and pizza. The kids played around us, altering between a huge green bouncy ball, bikes and trikes (discovered in Grandma's garage), and just simple and lovely tag.

The work was good, the company was great, and the yard was left in satisfactory order.

When we got home, we received an email that our home in Spanish Fork was flooding. No - not river type flooding. According to our tenants, it was clogged-toilet-now-leaking-through-the-light-fixture-in-the-ceiling type flooding.

Ah, Monday. You've done it again.


dalene said...

I'm sorry. That REALLY stinks!

Jeff said...

Oh no!! Do you need help?