What are You Doing June 3rd?

Is it this?

And if it isn't, shouldn't it be?

Let's break it down.

Ryan Innes (+) Mindy Gledhill (+) Meaghan Smith (=) a Family Friendly and Romantic Evening (what, the two aren't mutually exclusive!) hosted by (Provo pride personified) CJane and the Rooftop Concert Series!

I mentioned it's free, right?

And that it's literally on the rooftop of the parking terrace of Provo Town Square?

And as if that weren't incentive enough, Meaghan would like to personally invite you to join the fun:

Adorable, right?

(I love how she says 'husband')

So. See you there.


C. Jane said...

Even if it's just you and me Stepper, I will count the evening worth all the time and effort.

Of course, I don't think it will be just the two of us. All the same, it would be worth it if it was.