What do Pirates Have To Do With Pizza?

This afternoon, Aunt Grammie and Oompa took us to Pirate Island Pizza, where I was unexpectedly impressed by the ambiance and the food.

I was expecting a Showbiz Pizza kind of deal - but it was more like a Disneyland attraction. Wyatt and Daphne were on cloud 9 and were so fun to watch. Henry slept through the whole thing.

We spent the early evening talking about, you know, life, love and change while the kids napped (pirates are EXHAUSTING!).

Then we spent the late evening playing cards around the dining room table - the Walkers, the Cards, the McCrerys. We kept score - but I have no idea who won. I think we sort of forgot about that part.

I wish I could say more - I truly do - but I am so tired I'm falling asleep at the computer, and tomorrow is another big day!

Henry is being blessed on Sunday. Did I mention?

I haven't come up with any nicknames for him, yet. Shouldn't I have, like, twelve by now? I voiced this concern to Bill, who told me he calls him 'Hank' on occasion, and that's a nickname. I said it didn't count, because it's an actual name - like how you can call William Bill. And then everyone at the table told me that Bill is also a nickname. And I said, "Oh, you know what I mean!"


craftyashley said...

You can borrow some of Little Man's nicknames:

Sir Stinkypants
Baby Yogurt Face
Mr. Squirmy
The Amazing Binky Chucker

I'm sure there's more... but those should tide ya over.