To Mikelle, on her Birthday,


I'm so glad you were born y'know, ahem, a certain number of years ago today, 'cause if you hadn't been, we wouldn't have met in 10th grade and survived a truly boring and pointless health class by competing with not-so-boring but still pointless Guinness World Records trivia.

And we wouldn't have become inseparable in High School and skipped class that one time to hang out with your mom. And I wouldn't have had OJ and an old-fashioned donut at the end of math class for an entire week that one time. 

I wouldn't have known about Country Music.

And NOBODY would have known about my devastating crush on that boy.

We wouldn't have had that crazy trip to Seattle after we graduated - a trip that will live in infamy.

And we wouldn't have been roommates in college, and had that one crazy afternoon when we drove to our crappy little apartment in Gonzo with the windows rolled down in the POURING RAIN, and then ran and spun on the grass with our arms flung wide and our hair flinging water and our faces hollering toward the heavens, daring the world to try us.

Or walked to Maceys in our flip-flops at midnight because we had a craving for banana creamies.

Or had dinner up the canyon more often than not.

Or been so obsessed with Buffy.

And we wouldn't have written letters for two years when you went to the DR on your mission and I went to Logan to USU - two very different worlds than we were used to.

I wouldn't know how to make your famous chimichangas.

Bill wouldn't have worked at the courthouse.

And I wouldn't have you, now - my lifelong friend who is still ever present and so supportive of me and my life - and by extension, my family.

We all love you, you know.

So, y'know, thanks. Thanks for being born.

And Happy Birthday.


Grandpa Rusty said...

Yes, happy birthday, Mikelle!