Well, this is it, folks.

My last post of my 100 day project.

I thought and thought about what I could say on this post - the grand 100th - that could move, inspire, embody the essence of this entire challenge.

Instead, I spent the day celebrating.

This morning found our little family at a parade. (A parade with four bagpipe bands. That's how you know a parade is serious.) The kids gathered goodies tossed from floats (yes, floats!). We scored handfuls of candy, miniature beach balls, samples, fliers, coupons and 2 t-shirts.

Then we headed to the park where a carnival was in residence. We walked the booths and scored tiny water bottles, stickers, more coupons/fliers and a 2 week Karate Lesson trial for Wyatt. And a brochure for Zion's Bank - because I may or may not be interested in switching.

"What's your name?" Tony, the bank rep, asked me - offering his hand.
"Stepper," I said with a smile and a hand-shake.
"Stepper?" He asked, and received points for getting it right the first time even in the noise of the crowds.
"Yes, Stepper!" I said. I don't delve into THAT story unless asked.
"Wow. That's a beautiful name." he said.

First time anyone's ever said that to me. "interesting", sure. "unique" yes. "different" all the time! But beautiful? That guy really wants my business.

I pressed on through the crowd with my gigantor double-stroller bouncing along the un-even grassy terrain, trying not to lose any of the many things we piled on top, underneath, tucked into sides, etc. Ali sidled up to me as I pushed forward.

"Well," she said in mock tone, "My parents actually named me Leper, but I changed it."
I laughed. "I finally came of age," I said.
"Yes. It's so unfair. They named my sister 'Pretty'."
"HA!" I said. 'I love it!"

And then I had the story of Leper and her sister Pretty running through my head. Such a great relationship they had, but boy - their parents sure did favor the one!

At some point, we all got a bit sun-toasted. Wyatt's ears were the only thing that suffered on him because for some reason I did a much better job on him with the sunblock stick (never used one before, I could claim as my excuse, but somehow that falls hallow as it was ALI'S sunblock stick because I completely forgot sunblock altogether). Daphne, poor thing, has random streaks all over her face from where I sticked, but didn't smudge. But my little Henry is now a cherry-face. All except where his binky formed a nice barrier around his mouth. It looks painful. It's hilarious when he smiles. I feel terrible.

Bill and I got crispy, too, but like I was telling Bill. I was running a bit low on freckles, anyway.

After the carnival, we came home to feed small faces and force naps. Bill mowed the lawn and I sat in the air conditioning, eating chips and folding laundry.

Then at five thirty-one, our babysitter arrived.

Now - this was momentous. Because this is the first time (very, very first time) we've hired an actual babysitter that wasn't family and wasn't a family friend and who was a fifteen or so year old girl who lived in the neighborhood. We're branching out!

And, of course, I fretted about it through the whole movie. We brought our little cherry-face with us (peace offering for the damage to his countenance) and together with Mom, Dad, Ali and Steve enjoyed the heck out of X-Men First Class.

Henry has decided he'd like to be a superhero when he grows up. They get to fly the coolest jet planes!

So that's it. The unceremonious - yet very adventure-filled - end to my 100 day project.

Stay tuned (Monday) for a summation of lessons learned (or new curse words I learned) as a result, and - of course - the thanks-for-stickin-it-out-with-me Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

(Cheryl, don't laugh)


Hel said...

I have LOVED being able to read all your posts. I tried to do an every day post once.... I lasted five days. So you are a better woman than I!! Can't wait for the summation.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Yay for 100 days of Stepper. :)

MikkSolo said...

I have LOVED 100 days of Stepper. Thanks for all the laughter, tears, and pure joy.


Grandpa Rusty said...

And now you move on to doing 101 to 200 days, right?