I know, but...

I find it a wee bit difficult to post, tonight, because I feel as though I am typing under the vigilant eyes of scrutiny.

"Just where do you think you've been?" the eyes seem to be asking. "And why should we care what you think you have to say after you've abandoned your poor blog for so long like that?"

And...they're right. I have been writing - just not here. I'm finding the other thing to be taking up all my word energy. In a good way. But...this other project and my blog...it's not unlike being forced to choose between brushing my teeth and washing my hair. I can't comfortably ignore either!

So I feel you, eyes of scrutiny. I feel you, my own abandonment. I just...I gotta go with the teeth, this time.

But I had to pop by to remind the two of you who still read, here, that THIS is coming!

I am going. I am excited.

See you there?


Tamsin said...

Do we still have a double date planned for that?

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm curious about your "project."

Nae said...

Oh, I think I make reader number 3! Woo hoo!