A Natural Pause

Things are at a natural pause with the other project while I wait for feedback from my editor - so I sneaked over here. I feel a bit like I'm snitching a cookie hot off the rack! So delicious. So scandalous.

So...uhm. What's going on, guys?

WHOLELATTA stuff going on, here.

Firstly - Lizzie has returned from her 18 month mission to Portugal, and is currently living in the bedroom upstairs! I have just been basking in her glow - which is bright and beautiful. Oh, how I have missed her. And...awkward post-mission phase? Not so much. I mean - she doesn't know who Jimmer is and forgets how to say things in English, but that's just charming. She still reads her scriptures religiously and has no interest in watching TV - but that's just admirable (and not something I'd want to change). Oh - and Henry is completely in love with her. He thinks she's his. I kinda think she agrees. It's been a wonderful week having her with us. I am spoiled by the great conversation - and the help! As we speak, she is off to the store for me, picking up the fixins for a round of Gyoza for tonight.

Less cool - Daphne has learned how to take off her pants AND her diaper in the middle of the night. You can imagine - only try not to. So we wized up and she's now in footie pajamas with a safety pin securing the zipper against her shenanigans. So far so good.

Henry is my first to mind teething. And he does mind. Poor thing.

I have lost over half of my post-babies weight (yeah, I gotta lose BOTH Henry AND Daphne), and people are beginning to notice, which is validating.

I am not going to be home for Thanksgiving. Neither is my family - but I am not going to be with my family. I will be in North Carolina, seeing my cousin get married. They will be in Washington, eating Turkey with our family up there. If there were ever a time to invent a way to be in two places at once...

Anyone have any pointers for a dad who's doing a 16 hour roadtrip with 3 small kids and no wife?

Anyone have any pointers for a wife who is going to miss her husband and kids, terribly?

...and off to Gyoza-making I go!


Jenn said...

I was just thinking that I miss Stepper, and wished you would blog again, and here you are. :)

Tamsin said...

At the first mention of Gyoza, I almost grabbed my keys and hopped in the car!