That Smell of Pie


his day began like most - with the Bean alternately pressing his knees into my spine, draping his legs over my neck, or snatching at my arm to wrap both of his around and snuggle into his chest, burrowing his face into my shoulder. The last makes the restless hour before waking (and the ensuing soreness) worth it.

Then came the hectic half-hour of the retrieving waking children/changing diapers/feeding children/preparing husband's lunch; a delicate dance that - if not performed with exact precision - can result in grumpy children or a late husband. This morning's dance was a master performance.

Which is probably 50% of the reason today has been going so well, despite it being a Monday.

The other 50%, I attribute to a wonderful weekend with a Grand Finale Sunday.

The weekend wasn't all smooth waters - there was a slight malfunction on Saturday afternoon when I was running late, resulting in a family ravenous for their mid-day meal (which we enjoyed at Texas Roadhouse - wonderful food. Not very kid-friendly arrangements). And let's not talk about my mental breakdown when we were running late - AGAIN - for church Sunday morning.

Instead, let's talk about how Friday was my parent's anniversary - a special one, considering it was 11-11-11. The kids and I went flower shopping, finding the plumpest Sunflowers available. We cleaned the house top to bottom (freeing up everyone's Saturday) and Lizzie spent the whole morning baking pies. From scratch.

So Grandma and Grandpa came home to a clean, amazing-smelling house after a long work-week - and Grandpa whisked Grandma away on a surprise weekend-getaway.

Those two crazy kids, I tell you what.

So Saturday - we awoke to a day spread before us. No chores to be done. No errands to be run. A day completely ours. So we made a breakfast Grandpa Mac would be proud of. German Pancakes. Muffins. Blueberry apple juice. If there had been bacon in the house, it would have joined the feast. I considered running out for some - but this was a Lazy Saturday. Not a run-for-bacon one.

After breakfast, we danced around the living room to some lively tunes. We stayed in our pajamas as long as possible.

I went to the temple. William bathed the kids. I liked this arrangement very much.

Enter our adventure at Texas Roadhouse. The Bean consumed an entire steak. The Hummingbird was utterly disinterested in the food on her plate, and instead kept stealing mine. She ate all my broccoli, and I once again felt lucky that my daughter was such a great eater. I couldn't force a 'little tree' on the Bean if it came with sixteen shiny new matchbox cars.

Our kind and patient waitress (score!) brought out 'The Saddle', and the kids took turns sitting on it separately, and then together, feeling pretty sure that they would save the West with their faithful steed, whom The Bean named Lenore.

Saturday evening, I treated myself to a movie while William did homework.

Sunday was ward choir, church, and then Second Sunday's big dinner with my siblings and their families. The boys did the dishes. Bob came, and we celebrated her birthday with pie and an evening of Mafia. The Bean danced around our circled chairs, yelling hi-yah! and karate chopping the air before us, exclaiming that he was the Mafia Ninja! Or smiling placidly and flapping his arms, declaring that he was the angel, and would save us all from the Mafia.

My husband, father, and brothers (in-law shmin-law) helped us move a huge and heavy riser out of the basement (so that I could move my desk into that corner). Cleve, Steve and William all received bodily injury doing me this favor - which I so appreciate! - and once again, I was struck by how awesome it is to have brothers. Especially to have brothers who are so WILLING!

There is something so wonderful to me about a willing attitude.

Sunday evening drizzled lazily by - like the rain outside the window - as we all talked, laughed, and accused each other of murder. William had a Matlock moment when he appealed to the ladies and gentlemen of the court - the highlight of my evening. I love that man of mine.

And so here we are. Monday. Laundry to do, a basement to re-arrange (after the removal of the riser), birthday party invitations to create, and an FHE lesson to prepare.

And me. Just kinda happy. With that jumpy feeling in my stomach - the kind you get when you know Christmas is coming.

Colder weather, warm and clean homes, that smell of pie, games into the night with family and a feeling of genuine appreciation for those I also count as my closest friends. Ladies and Gentlemen - for me? The holiday season has begun.


Grandpa Rusty said...

It was a wonderful thing to come home to a house with the chores done so I knew I could run off with my sweetheart and not worry about getting back to do cleaning.


And the pies smelled (and tasted, as I can attest to after eating more than my share on Sunday evening) great!

THANKS, LIZZIE, my newest daughter!

Ro Ro Riot said...

Sounds like an incredibly satisfying weekend. Isn't it so nice to feel the holiday season again? My favorite time of the year.