Our First Trip Together - Honeymoon 2006
(yes, that is a giant pickle)

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my marriage to William.

Five years sounds like a long time, sometimes. Other times - more often times - it feels like a blink. I can't believe it's ONLY been five years.

I am dying to tell our love story, here. It is one wrought with miracles. And oh, OH how I love that man of mine.

But my sweetheart is whisking me away on a getaway to Park City (which I've never done before!), and I have just finished the chores and am still un-showered, let alone primped and pressed! And I just got a phone call from Prince Charming himself, telling me he's on his way home. And so that story will once again have to wait.

Also - Ali is having a baby, today! I am beside myself to meet that sweet little Oliver - and whether or not he will have red hair. Send happy thoughts her way, will you?

I'll give you the scoop on all these delicious events when I return.

Ja Matta!


Ro Ro Riot said...

Two exciting things happening today! Hope you have fun! Can't wait to hear more about Ali's baby too.