Ah, Weekend.

Turns out we weren't staying in Park City for our anniversary. We were staying in Sundance - at the Sundance Resort - in a little personal cabin. There was a fireplace right next to the bed. The whole weekend was such a great experience.

When we arrived, we dashed into the main office of the Resort (we were still feeling the effects of the lightness of not having to haul kids to and fro). The man at the desk gave us our key (an actual house key) and gestured to a man who had just appeared from a secret room beyond the desk. "This will be your bellman, he'll take you to your room."

The bellman, who was dressed head to toe in snow gear, proceeded to lead us to our cars. No elevators here, no sir! We drove in tandem up the mountain to where our little cabin was secluded. He showed us around the cabin, making sure we knew where the firewood and matches were - and that we could have more any time (even mid-night!) if we ran out.

We hung out in our little cabin for a while, musing on whether or not Robert Redford would show up at our door, tipping his hat with a howdy. Then we ventured (only getting lost, like, twice) down to where William's company party was being held.

The party was great! Turns out I really like this company My Man works for. They had heard it was our anniversary, so when we won the chance to be contestants in a minute-to-win-it game, they gave us a 30 second head start. We didn't win, 'cause it turns out that wrapping yourself in toilet paper without breaking it while spinning is harder than it sounds. But they did give William his choice of the consolation prizes.

We fell asleep to an episode of Psych. We slept through the night - no kid-sized interruptions. We slept in until very close to eight o'clock!

Then we got ready and dashed into Park City, where we found My Man a very smashing orange sweater and sports coat combination that I pretty much LOVE.

We were sad to head back into the valley because our little anniversary getaway was over WAY too soon - but we were also excited because the fun was really just beginning. Next was the Card Family Christmas Party, where my dad played bass guitar with 'the band'. I loved it. I loved loved it.

Then we dashed to Spanish Fork for the Terry's annual Christmas shindig. This year, it was a kids-invited pajama party. Such a great idea - because then we could haul our tuckered kids home and just PUT THEM IN THEIR BEDS! No fuss with the changing of the clothes! And I got to get myself a brand new pair of jammies, because I pretty much sleep in my exercise clothes. Purple thermals, anyone? And - there was a Santa letter writing station. So - finally - I got to see what Wy-Guy would ask the Big Guy for for Christmas.

An airplane and a rocket.


If that weren't enough, Sunday was Second Sunday, so the entire family came over and ejoyed dinner togethere. Ali and Steve even brought their newest little Oliver bundle over. You forget how small a newborn is, you know? How fresh from Heaven.

My house is a disaster - but I have been replenished. That is a trade I can live with.