Celebration Turned Creepy

Bill turned in his last final of the semester, today. We planned to celebrate when he got home from work, but he ended up working late - so the kids were already in bed when he got home. Instead, we got take-out and hunkered down for a dinner-and-a-show from the couch kind of evening.

We watched the new animated Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. We think it is WONDERFUL - but definitely not a kids show, as the previews tried to convince us all of when it came out a few years back. By the end of the movie, even though it ends well with Scrooge saving Christmas, we were all a bit freaked out.

Okay, maybe it was just me and Lizzie.

But, come on. Those ghosts Scrooge encounters? Terrifying! And so convincing in this film. Wonderful stuff! But intense!

So afterward, Bill was cleaning out our Netflix cue of all the movies he had put in there for his film class (now over! Woot woot!) and when the cursor skimmed over Peter and the Woolf, I told Bill that he had to watch at least the very beginning. I had turned it on a few months prior with Wyatt - but quickly decided it was too visually intense for him. It was clay-mation but stop-motion. What do you call that? Besides awesome?

Anyway, the beginning sequence was so beautiful - even though it was dark - that I have been wanting to watch it ever since. But without impressionable kids. So I told Bill to watch just the beginning - just as far as I had seen - and we ended up watching the entire thing.

Again - totally amazing, incredible animation, loved every second - but a bit freaked out!

We ended the evening with Lizzie and I trying to defend the merits of the Snuggie to Bill, and now we are off to bed.

And I've a few little trepidations about what dreams might come.


craftyashley said...

I made the mistake of thinking the animated Jim Carrey Christmas Carol was for kids- and promptly found out that it is NOT FOR FOUR YEAR OLDS... a little too late. I don't get animated-not-for-kids-films.

Lara said...

The Jim Carrey Christmas Carol is definitely not for kids. I thought it was visually amazing, but it was a little intense even for me! I'll stick to my Muppet Christmas Carol for my yearly viewing of Dickens' classic :) I went and watched that version of Peter & the Wolf. Awesome!!! Except for the part where his adorable little goose/best friend gets EATEN! I couldn't fall asleep that night as I kept pondering the injustice. Yes, it was a more realistic outcome given the situation, but I am an idealist when it comes to movies and I like my "happy ending" :)