I Must Have Sisters

I've always thought that I would have very much liked to have had an older brother. I tend to wax sentimental about how much I love my brothers-in-law...but I tell you what. I would not survive without my sisters.

Jamie lets my kids take dance at her studio. For free. They adore Wednesdays, now, and I can tell you - having something like that mid-week is just the ticket! Now, whenever I say, "guess where we're going?" They squeal "JAMIE'S HOUSE!!" and if it's NOT Wednesday, I'd better have a pretty darn good alternative. And I'm pretty sure my Daphne is completely enamored of Jamie. Every time she sees her, she runs straight into her arms and is perfectly content to park there.

Ali lets me do art projects on her wall - and doesn't say anything when she asked me to do said project months ago, and I only got around to doing it, oh, ONE WEEK before D-Day for her newest little. She's always down for a midnight coupon fest, midnight movie, midnight ANYTHING, Ali's my gal.

Megan and her hubby show up randomly for game nights - and everyone is always significantly happier when we see them walk through the door. That's a pretty cool superpower. She's amazing with my kids. She doesn't mind the impromptu nature of most of my invitations to her (Women's Expo - mere hours. Shopping trip Monday Night - mere minutes. Though it helped that we both happened to be at Costco when we began texting each other). And she loves my cooking. :)

Lizzie has been my saving grace these past weeks since her heralded return from Hogwarts Portugal. She instinctively jumps in when the kids need more than my two hands. She is ever willing to run errands for me (even Christmas shopping!...I know!). She shares my passion for throwing parties, cooking cool stuff, and sneaking away to movies. And Hank is completely in love with her. We will all miss her terribly when she goes to school in January - but I am very excited to see where her life is about to take her. Because it's somewhere amazing.

Amy (Brian's wife) and I like to facebook vent at each other into the wee hours of the morning, and then pretend to be shocked at the hour. It's fun to talk about our kids - especially the kids that are the same age and therefore doing the same things.

Elisabeth (Clinton's wife) is constantly amazing me with her inside knowledge of all the cool stuff that I'm always just discovering. Like Dr. Who. And she knows how to cook intricately ('member how she whipped out those scones that one time like it was nothing?). And I'm pretty sure she's unstoppable. I've never seen her be stopped. Anyone else?

So - okay, brothers. I still love you.

But sisters?

Ladies - you rock my world.

(Speaking of - Lizzie and I are about to hit the gym and a movie. Sista style!)