On the Third Day of December, I Went Back and Finished the Projeeeccctttt!

Got up.

Picked up my produce basket.

Cleaned the church with William (and others).

Then off to Eagle Mountain to finish the tree project (this time without my Man. Sigh).

The tree was dry - time to add leaves.

 Then start the monkey while the first round of leaves is drying...

Turning into a real charmer!

Add the rest of the leaves while the Monkey dries...add monkey face, and...VOILA!

The little guy needs a friend in the room, dontcha think? Perching above the nursery door, perhaps?

Put the furniture back...

 Alright, Ali. You can have your baby, now.

I'm ready.

(just kidding, I love you!)


sharon. said...

Sooo cute!

Charms said...

I always think I'm a cool mom until I read your blog...CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Nae said...

That is the coolest nursery I have ever seen! How creative! I love the monkey friend above the door. :)