The saddest party of all... the party that never happened.

Especially the party that never happened after you already bought all the food and prizes and etc and the reason it's now not happening is 'cause your daughter threw up all over the floor of Smiths Grocery Store (and all down her daddy's shirt) and it's now ten o'clock at night, and the party you now have to cancel is in the morning and so you have to frantically try to get ahold of everyone so they don't show up expecting a delightful brunch and all they get is germs.

And now you have two sick kids and an overabundance of donut holes.

But - on the upshot? Total pajama day.


Heather said...

What better to eat on pajama day than a ton of doughnut holes? And what else can you wear on a day that you eat tons of doughnut holes, but pajamas? :)