Ari turns 30

...and she's excited about it, so I feel okay about posting all about her amazing party, here.

And, really, she should be excited about it! 30 is cool! The entire 30's decade is an amazing one. I should know. I'm 32 now, so I'm a total expert.

Ari's husband, Jeff, knew the Big Day was approaching. 30 is a big deal, he knew. A milestone birthday. So he contacted two of Ari's friends (myself and one Jacqueline Fabulous - not her real last name but may as well be) and recruited them to the 'party committee'.

We brainstormed and brainstormed - and finally settled on a This Is Your Life inspired game wherein guests would be invited to an uber secret gathering at Jacqueline's house. We hid in a room separated from the rest of the house by a black curtain.

When Ari arrived at her secret party (blindfolded! Ha!) we had to all be very quiet, wich was very difficult for SOME people who shall remain nameless. Of course, Ari wasn't making it easy for us to refrain from giggling, making snarky comments about Jeff's directing skills as he led her into the house and insisting that what she was sitting on was NOT a chair! (it was).

See? A chair.
One by one, each guest would approach the curtain and Jeff would read a clue hinting at who was waiting there. Ari would guess, and the guessed guest (hah! did you like that?) would then be allowed to join her on the other side of the curtain.

Jeff sent the Party Committee a list of Ari's Favorites, including colors, foods, flowers and just things that she fancied.

Jacqueline filled her house with things from the list for the big day. The result was a delightful homage to all things Ari.

A wall of shoes and purses (naturally):

Balloons and streamers in the pink, white and black color scheme:

Pink Gerber Daisies on the coffee table:

And, of course, all of Ari's favorite treats - made even more delectable with a dip in the chocolate fountain:

(No, I don't think anyone actually dipped the cucumber sandwiches in chocolate.)

Ari and her guests had a wonderful time sitting and chatting together...

...followed by a rousing game of Catch Phrase and - a new favorite - Sedarahc (Charades played backwards):

It was a delightful evening spent with delightful people. Jeff spent a great deal of time and effort making sure the evening went off without a hitch (even though William and I tried to bungle it a few times with things like: forgetting the BYU Creamery ice cream in our van and Ari's BIG GIFT arriving a day too late). Scott and Jacqueline were fantastic hosts.

I kind of wish we could do it all again.

Too bad I don't know anyone turning thirty this year.

(Just kidding, babe)


Jake & Megan said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm so sad I missed it!!!!

Kristen said...

That looks like a blast - you did a great job getting it all set up! Can't believe my husband made me miss it for a Real soccer game - I'm still blaming him. :( So sad we weren't there!