Checkers, Giraffes, Pounds and Ponytails

Wyatt beat me fair and square at Checkers - his second time playing, ever.  

He's gotten really good at announcing "king me!" with the proper haughty inflection. 

I was impressed (not every day you lose one of your favorite games to a four-year-old on his second game). Had to tell dad, so we sent him a text announcing the big win.

Dad responded:

Speaking of Dad - look what he made with the the kids while I took Hank to his 1-year check-up:

(That's a giraffe, not an Ostrich, in case you were wondering.)

Henry clocked in at an impressive 25lb at his appointment - a mere 3 lb shy of where his 2-year-old sister sits on the scale.

His other impressive thing: all that dark, curly hair! Bald spot or no, he had those nurses drooling over his lush locks.

As soon Henry and I got home, Daph immediately picked my pocket of my iPhone, saying, "I play with your phone, Mom?" as she toddled away with it (she usually asks permission during or after the fact - not a bad MO, IMO). She promptly unlocked it, deftly navigated to Netflix, found Doot-Doot-Dora (Dora the Explorer to the layman) and settled in on the couch to watch.

Also - she left her hair in a ponytail the entire three hours of church on Sunday. First time EVER.

Are you getting a better sense of what it's like to live with such impressive people all day long?

Good, then. My work here is done.

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The hat, not the baby. 

I mean, jeez.


Nae said...

But Hank sure would be a darling baby to win. :) It's no wonder that your lot is extremely impressive! That includes you, too!

Charms said...

I'll take the baby!!! :) I have to go enter to win the hat!