Pretty Littles Giveaway!


This week, I am partnering with Pretty Littles to offer you - wonderful reader! - the chance to win a $20 credit toward their winsome wares! And just in time for Easter!

Pretty Littles specializes in adorable accents for little girls - but they create for adult sizes, too! And - get this - they are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE!

Have an Easter Dress for your darling in a specific color? Or need something to match your eyes? No sweat, says Pretty Littles, give us the info and we'll create what you covet - just for you!

It's a well known fact around here that my little Hank has a ginormous noggen 'cause of all them smarts he keeps up there. He needed a wintry hat - and so I approached my charming friends over at Pretty Littles to inquire after a customized hat for Hank.

I was so impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and the speed of turnaround (because, as those of you who know me well can attest, I'm a bit of a last-minute gal) - not to mention how RIDICULOUSLY SWEET my little monkey looked in his monkey hat!

$15 child, $20 adult

Here's just a small sampling of what Pretty Littles has to offer:

Darling hair accessories for girls ~

$3 each set

$4 ea.


I think I might need this purple headband in my size ~

$10 ea.
And right now, they have some adorable spring accents just in time for Easter! ~

$3 set

Are you - or someone you know - expecting a spring baby? (or any kind of baby for that matter?)

Mary Janes! $12

Boots: $15, Hat: $20 or $35 for the set

Pretty Littles also has fun offerings for the boys/men in your life (I almost got one of these for my Dad) ~

$20 child, $25 adult

... And some cute things for the home. I'm loving the simple, fresh look of this wreath ~


As you can see, a $20 credit could go a long way! You can check out the rest of their great stuff over on their PAGE.

But Stepper, How Do I Win?!


Just go check out their page, then come back here and leave a comment listing which item(s) you would most like to win!

Bam! Entered.

(Extra entries for a tweet or blog mention linking back to this post.)

Winner will be randomly selected.

Giveaway ends Midnight on Friday, March 24 2012.


Now through the end of the month, you can receive 10% off your entire order at Pretty Littles just by telling them that Stepper sent you.

They ship anywhere, and accept Paypal.

So what are you waiting for?! Head on over here to check them out!


Michelle said...

What don't I want! I'd love some crotheted rose clips and some felt "trio" clips for my little girl. Hey I wouldn't even mind having some for myself!

Michelle said...

Oh I also shared a post (link included) to this contest on my blog!

Jenn said...

Cute stuff! I would love some Mary Janes and headbands for my little girl.

Birgitte said...

I covet one of the wreaths, but let's be real, it's all stinkin' cute.

Nae said...

LOVED the ribbon bunny hair clip, and I would SOOOOO put it in Lily's hair. I also want those pretty blue ribbon flowers! (Hair clip style, because Lil won't let me do headbands.)

So's to help with the odds, I'ma gonna post a link to this post on my blog as well as on FB!

sharon. said...

My girl needs those crocheted Mary Janes. Or the matching hat-booty combo. And I'm with you on that purple headband. I love.

Anonymous said...

I would sooooo love anything really you guy's stuff is amazingly super cute.. And your both are way talented with wat you make!! Its soo adorable!! :) but i would soo love any of your headbands with the smaller flowers.. In black.. White.. Red.. Blue.. Pink.. brown.. Green or yellow or mixed colors for my daughter autumn.. Or any of the cute hair clips in those colors as well.. I also would love any of the very cute easter hair clips i love them all!! Or the news hair clips one is pink and black roses.. And one is white and black roses.. Autumn needs some new super cute hair pieces!! :)

Jyl Barnes said...

Sorry this is Jyl Barnes. First time doing this lol

Kristen said...

I would want either the triceratops or owl hats. Super cute!!

Ali Marie said...

I totally want the angry birds hats for Malachi. Seems fitting since he steals my phone or iPad and tells me "birds" as the reason for the theivery. So cute!

Charms said...

Wow! So much cute stuff. My wish list is as follows: cute purple beanie, or cupcake beanie, or the cute white beanie, the mary janes...or any of the cute headbands. Hooray!

Tamsin North said...

I'm so in need of a wreath it's not even funny! Yes please :)

Carolyn said...

Love it all! I would go with the angry birds hat, or a crochet flower.