You Will Never Guess What Just Happened...

Remember how I just got a tooth extracted and that I now have a hole in my face and have been taking antibiotics three times per day and doing a disgusting medicated mouthwash twice daily to be sure that things go well for healing?

Remember that?

Well, guess who just had another molar break?

On the bottom right?

So there will be no chewing on either the right OR the left?

Have you guessed?

Yes, ME ME ME!

Oh, lucky lucky me!

 And you thought I was being dramatic when I said I'd probably be in dentures by fifty.

 Only now it's probably looking like it'll be forty.

Okay - that was a bit dramatic.

And really, it's not that bad. I mean, it could be worse. It was just the corner, so my tooth will survive. And I have an appointment with the dentist Monday morning, so I'm sure he'll fix me up right.

But you're shocked, right? You can't believe my luck, right?

You're both appalled at the injustice and laughing at the ridiculousness of this situation, right?

Well, thank you for that.

I feel better.

Now I gotta go swig with some nasty-face mouthwash and invent some kind of miniature padded suit for the rest of my teeth so they don't kill each other while I'm sleeping.

I think that's the only explanation for what's been happening, here.


craftyashley said...

I'm only saying this because my Dad is a dental technician, (that makes the dental implants and whatnot) but maybe you have some kind of dental osteoporosis or something. Is it normal to crack such big molars so often?

All my sympathies to you! That sounds just unbearable.

And while this may sound weird coming from someone from the internet, I know a very good dental tech if you need implants or work done. He's the very best. (and not just because he's my Dad) You and fam are always welcome in our home!