Dear William,

Everyone always told me, "don't marry an artist."

If there was one thing they told me more often than that - it was, "don't marry yourself." - meaning, don't marry someone who was just like you. Opposites attract, and that amount of sameness would lead to aggravation and annoyance.

Do you love proving the world wrong as much as I do?

Of course you do. Because we are the same.

I understand the reasoning behind the warnings - and I admit that it is sound. I dated artists before you came into my life and splashed paint all over my boring, white walls. I dated a writer, and everything was a competition. I dated a musician, and I was never inspiring enough. I dated a painter, and I was never angsty enough.

It seemed impossible that two artists could be together without jealousy or competition. And yet, here we are.

And we are so similar in tastes, strengths, and weaknesses. We both love movies, love graphic novels, love boardgames and music and creating. Above all, creating. And we are both terrible at money, fixing things around the house, and remembering birthdays.

Yet, I would not say that we do not compliment each other. I would not say that we do not challenge each other. In fact, I would say that in all ways that truly matter - raising children, walking toward Christ - we are exactly what each other needs.

And I am so grateful, as I have tried to explain before, that you are leading our family into a life that will be interesting and challenging for me, too - and that you allow me to be a part of it. I admit to sometimes feeling bored and stiffened by my life as a stay-at-home mom who's world is filled with regimen (meals, laundry, morning and bed-time routines). Please do not misunderstand. Our children are fascinating and delightful - but making peanut butter sandwiches for the umpteenth time is not. My life is full - but sometimes it's full of things that numb the mind rather than ignite it. And I await your arms at the end of your work day with eager anticipation of your explanations of what interesting thing you designed that day, or the podcast you listened to on your way home, or the new musician you discovered, or the nerf war you started at the office.

Started and dominated, of course.

I don't think your recaps would be as invigorating to me if you were, say, a traffic data analyst.

I think about all those times I heard (and believed) that I should never marry someone who's interest so closely resemble my own, yet I am grateful every day that I married you. You're not just any ol' artist. You're William: the talented artist who doesn't give up; who looks ridiculously good in jeans and a t-shirt; who is never threatened and ever encouraging of my own creative pursuits; who challenges me to be a better wife, mother and woman daily; who's gifted hands hold my heart completely. The man who is going places - and taking me with you.

I'm all packed, baby!

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Jennifer said...

Oh man! This was just so sweet and great and fabulous. I'm so glad God has blessed you with a beautiful marriage and one that is completely your own. I love it when I see women who really love and respect their husbands in the role they've been placed and who are ready to just go along for the ride all the while making the ride the most fun it could be. Thanks for sharing:)

Jeff and Ari said...

You guys are just beautiful together. Seriously. An inspirational couple if I've ever met one. Great pic too :)!

Charms said...

What a great post! You are a wonderful couple with a very beautiful family. And I can say that even Will's cooking has an artistic flair (BEST burgers ever)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Stephanie said...

Love your picture!! Yay for you two.

kc said...

you two are awesome and you make adorable babies! what a sweet post:)