Jewelry Giveaway WINNERS!

Friends, I am soul tired.

Had a very unpleasant encounter with an even more unpleasant person, yesterday. We were treated very unfairly. I have a really hard time with that. Dealing with irrational, attacky people is bad enough - but then, like a rancid cherry on a poisoned pie, he had the audacity to try to lecture my husband.

Oh, no he di-n't!

Anyway - I'm still a swirl of emotions and dealing with the aftermath (unfair! I CALL UNFAIR!) - but the whole thing has left me so incredibly grateful for the sane and delightful people in my life.

And so - I decided that everyone who entered the jewelry giveaway will receive something from me.

Email me your address?

stepperthemighty at gmail dot com.

And - lest you feel inclined to feel sorry for me - we have WAY more things to be over-the-moon excited about right now.

Like...a double date tonight with some of my favorite people!
And...One of William's projects was featured in the number one spot on Web Design Served, yesterday! I great honor.

And...most of all...we're waiting on two items of news today that will change our lives.


My head buh-splode.


Kristen said...

2 items that will drastically change your life all in one day?? My head would probably explode too. Good luck, and now I'm super curious...!!

And super excited to get a surprise from you! :)

Charms said...

Go ahead and name names, my friend. I have a host of loyal Polynesian cousins/friends that are willing to kick some trash. Those jerks.

THANKS for the gift--that is super generous of you! Also...I am very curious about the 2 items...I am sure everything will work out for the very best.

You guys are awesome!

Lara said...

You really are Stepper the Mighty! Thanks for letting us all benefit from you sunshiney attitude!

Amy said...

You're too sweet! I hope you only have good things happen to you today!

craftyashley said...

Sorry to hear about having to deal with mean, icky people. We all have to deal with them at some point... Unless we banish them all to a deserted island! I'd back that plan!

Good luck on the news!