ARISE and SHINE FORTH - a surprised review and a GIVEAWAY!

When I was asked by Chad Schumacher (the online marketing manager of RLegacy Entertainment) if I would enjoy doing a blog review and giveaway of this year's EFY album, I said, "Sure!" because I really, really like giving stuff away. Especially on my blog. Especially to you.

But - can I be honest? I was a bit ho-hum about the fact that it was an EFY album. I've never been to EFY. I somehow missed that boat during my teenage years - though I was a student at Utah State over the summer when all the EFY goers infiltrated campus. And I have friends who love to go to EFY as counselors or teachers.

And I've heard a few EFY albums in my day - and while I loved the idea, they tended to feel a bit obvious and contrived to me. The song is supposed to sound spiritual? Okay! Lets put a breathy female vocalist in a room with a melancholy piano and sway. sway.

I just wasn't really the audience for that.

So I haven't heard an EFY album for ten years. Certainly nothing after RLegacy took over the project in 2008. And MOST certainly not after Russ Dixon became the producer on the project.

I've really been missing out.

When the CD's arrived in the mail, I immediately opened mine and flipped it over. When I saw that Russ Dixon was the producer, I got really excited. This would actually be good! I remember how he and his bandmates would absolutely FILL an auditorium during one of their COLORS concerts. I owned every single one of their albums. Their music was just fun! And remember when he stood up during the William Joseph concert and did an impromptu rap for us? I know he knows what he's doing, musically speaking.

But I also remember Russ coming to my little apartment when I lived on campus at Utah State, his guitar slung over his shoulder, full of stories and easy laughter and free-form ballads for my roommate he was friends with. So I also know that Russ is a genuinely good guy - and gets it. 

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That kind of honesty is so crucial to this kind of music. 

Then I scanned down the list of artists, and practically did a cartwheel (can I even do cartwheels, anymore?).

David Osmond (perfect opener)
Tel Dyer (song about a missionary - by the Dyer Highway singer who is right now on a mission!)
Russ Dixon (the man himself)
Dustin Christensen (of Lower Lights - his solo album is so wrenching, I can't get enough)
William Joseph (we all know how I feel about him, right?)

I have been living in this album now for two weeks. I honestly love it. From Hannah Bradshaw's high energy and adorable tune "See It In Everyone" to Tim Gates' country rock "All Great Men" - this CD delivers. There's only one song that I skip over now that it's on continual repeat in my car.

And I'm so delighted that I love it so much - because I get to give one away!

Do you want it?

Here's how you can get it:

1. Comment on this post. Maybe you want to tell me how you feel about EFY and their albums of yore. Or maybe you want to tell me about your talent-crush on Dustin Christensen.

Additional entries for:
2. Facebook mention and link
3. Tweet mention and link
4. Blog this giveaway, with link
5. Bringing me brownies

Giveaway closes Friday at midnight - winner announced Saturday (and then I'm on a plane to New York, baby!).

Good luck!

(You can listen to samples from the album on Amazon.)


Janey - UtValleyFoodie said...

Oh fun! I went to EFY in 99' and 00', at (what was then) Ricks College. It was a blast! I remember liking about four songs from the 99' album; all breathy females, lol.

Jenn said...

Ooh, I want it! It sounds awesome!

Kristen said...

I never went to EFY either, but I would love to win this! Awesome!

The Jensen Family said...

Oh Stepper. EfY was like a tiny taste of college life where you spent the whole time @ institute. It was magical & winning the Cd would make me so happy!

Jen said...

I went to EFY twice and had such a great time. I still listen to the CD's I got centuries (almost) ago. Have a great time in NYC!

Lara said...

I too missed out on the joys of EFY as a youth. Sounds like a fantastic CD!

Anonymous said...

Um I would LOVE to win it! Landon loves music and I love exposing him to good music. Also, my little sis is an EFY counselor, so you know, it would be like experiencing it with her :)!


Kristie said...

I listened to EFY music almost everyday on my mission! What a fun giveaway!!

Kel said...

I read your post. :) It sounds like an amazing CD!

petesprincess said...

ophhh would love to win!! 2 teens and one preteen at our house would love to listen :)

Samuel Bradshaw said...

EFY music is awesome!

deb bartz said...

I never had a chance to go to EFY either, but I really love uplifting music! :)

Stephanie said...

I went to EFY throughout my youth. The '99 album, Season for Courage, has a song unlike any other: Psalm of Joy. We thought it was kinda silly back then, so it brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it now. And yes, EFY music has come a long way since ...