Look at What I Did...

I did it last week.

I cried all night. This surprised me.

It was time. The knots on the back of his head would not yield to my most persuasive combings. He is such a handsome little devil no matter what I do with my tiny silver scissors.

Even so - during my prayers that evening, I asked forgiveness for ruining my beautiful baby.

Granted, it's been an emotional few weeks for me. Still. Those beautiful dark curls were so very hard to let go.

I thought I wouldn't mind so much in the morning. You know how things always look different after a night of sleep. But when my little Hank greeted me with his four-teeth grin that following morning, I cried all over again.

My baby had turned into a boy.


William C. McCrery said...

it's funny how haircuts are like age medianizers. When you're young they make you look older, and when you're old they make you look younger...

Jeff and Ari said...

He is so cute either way ... but that first cut is so, so hard!!! I just want to squeeze Henry, though :)!

craftyashley said...

I had to do the same thing this week.


Kalli said...

My fat one was born with a head of hair, and then he started to bald in the back and it looked patchy and weird. So at 4 months I shaved it all.

And cried.

It grew back of course, into curls. And then my mom orchestrated an unfortunate bang trim gone south and we had to cut the curls. So far they haven't come back and now I have to go cry about it some more.