Today at Grandpa's Park

Today my friends came over. My kids' friends came over. And we all played outside together.

We rode horses.

We rode airplanes.

Sometimes, we had to give the propeller a little help.

We consumed Vitamin D and Good Conversation (both are very good for you).

We struck poses.

We held very beautiful and very tiny baby girls.

We whittled sticks with other sticks.

We sat at-the-ready in case there was slide trouble.

We were very optimistic and complimentary (seriously, Charms, if I didn't read your blog I wouldn't believe anything could discourage you!).

We explained things (I love the way Ari uses her hands to talk).

We were a tough, playground gang. Don't mess.


We looped around and around and around the brand new Sidewalk at Grandpa's Park.

And when my friends and my kids' friends started picking up to leave, I had to concentrate very hard on thinking of something else. I'm really going to miss them.

My friends and my kids' friends.


Charms said...

Oh my heck. Stepper...when I saw you bring out your phone I KNEW those pics would end up on a blog post.

That picture encourages me to go back to Phase One...again!

Also...I am not very good with good-byes. Which is why I didn't really say it today...and also...because I will see you tomorrow. (Hooray!)

I will probably tell you then how very much I am going to miss you and your sweet kids. How very unfair it is that we met up again
(a block away even!)just so that you could run away and have cool New York adventures while I am stuck in my parents basement. How much I hope we keep in touch because you have had such an enormously wonderful influence on my life and I think you are so awesome.

Now I don't have to say these things in person. Or even good-bye. Right? :)