Five and Three

Aka Monkeyfish, The Bean, Punky Bunky, "McCrery" and WyGuy
Favorite food: Peanut-butter bread 
Favorite Color: bright blue (no longer has a second favorite. Sorry, Orange)
Could spend all day: drawing
Saying, 'Give me a Famous' gets you a: really intense hug
Does not in the least like: bed time
Turned 5 today

Aka Nacky, Nackle, Stinker Button and babygirl (under protest)
Favorite food: whatever mom is eating. Or anyone. Way better than what's on her plate. 
Favorite Color: Green and Yellow
Could spend all day: saving various toys from imminent danger and/or being sad because her lost her mom.
Is usually either a pirate or a monster. They sound surprisingly alike.
Does not in the least like: having her hair done
Turned 3 today

One astonishingly lucky mom


Nae said...

Happy birthday! Gosh, your kids are stunningly beautiful and absolutely marvelous. :0)

Anonymous said...
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