"Sparkly trains, our house, windows 'cause you can look through them and see stuff, friends, making people feel better, telling people not to do bad things, everybody everywhere" - Wyatt

Hardwood floors while potty training a resistant daughter.
Friends who invite my kids over to play with their kids and insist it was a favor to *them*.
Joy School.
A warm coat (that's purple and has a sinchy hood and a secret pocket!).
A 6-pack of paper towels for $5.
The brilliant subway system, AKA my freedom.
Writing day.
Watching my husband calm my daughter's bad-dream fears.
Family Game Night with my hilarious husband, my awesome parents and siblings (miss this!).
Grocery Budgets.
Trader Joe's Fair Trade Organic 72% cacao Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar. You are indeed intense and full bodied.
Friends for whom distance mattereth not.
Kid friendly restaurants.
Ali at Newspaper Chips who always asks me how I am, how Bill is, and gives my kids suckers whenever we come in for our (twice) weekly milk run.
Ice cream. Especially with nuts. Especially after doing something that earns the ice cream.
Letters that come through the mail. Especially ones that make me cry (Jeez, Mom!).
Disposable diapers.
Disposable LOTS of things.
Drawings and fridge-art by my kids (definitely NOT disposable).
Spontaneous Wyatt hugs, Ever-ready Daphne giggles and Henry's funny game of BOO!
Faith, Family, Friends - these three things NEVER let me down.
My Graco Stroller. The poor thing puts up with so much from me, yet remains my ever faithful steed.
Good books. I mean, like, REALLY good books.
My husband. He also puts up with so much from me, yet remains ever faithful in his devotion, his patience, and his encouragement of my goals and desires. He's my biggest investor.
The miracle of the mashed potatoes - when we didn't have a stock pot OR a potato masher.
An ever patient Heavenly Father (and His sense of humor!).

Now. Haul out the Holly!