The High Line

In 1930, a railroad was built raised above the streets of lower, industrial Manhattan. The idea was to keep the streets safer. 

By 1980, the train was no longer useful, and was abandoned. 

So there was this giant platform raised high above the city. What to do with it? 

Demolition was suggested. 

In an effort to preserve its historical coolness, an entire non-profit group of community volunteers formed. They called themselves the "Friends of the High Line," and they said, "Wait! It's such a great space! We could do some really cool things with it. What if we turned it into a park?"

Those with West Side Improvement stroked their chins, nodded enthusiastically, shook each others' hands, clapped each other on the back, sent someone out for cake and coffee...


...And the High Line Park was born. It's still evolving (even beyond the natural constant evolution of the seasons, and things like hurricanes), and it's a unique place to take a peaceful walk to enjoy some of nature's offerings while looking down on the crazy-busy streets below, and enjoying some of the spectacular architecture above. 


Also, there was a lot of incredibly cool tall, brown grass for little fingers to grab at. 

I heart New York.


Charms said...

Look at the wonder in Wyatts' eyes. What a beautiful picture. You are a great mom!!!