Haul out the Holly!

We've been listening to Christmas music for WEEKS now, but now that we are undeniably in the season of magic, let me declare it officially:

from the 5 of us!

10 points if you can name one of the many reasons I love this photo.


Tamsin North said...

My personal faves are the look on Wyatt's face and Henry's heavy cheeks! :)

Tarynia said...
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Tarynia said...

Cute family photo. Love Henry's cheeks. And Daphne look adorable in her headband. I'm so glad you got it:)

Lizzie said...

Ok this picture is too much for me to handle!!!!! How did Hank do that cheek thing? Wyatt does Wyatt look like Santa just confessed that he isn't real? Also Wyatt looks like he's 14 years old. Daphne of course is already best friends with Santa. How do all three kids still manage to be the cutest darn things in the world? You and Bil both look slammin' too. I can't wait to be there with you guys.