Matty and Nicole

Yesterday while we were having our last 'meet-dad-for-lunch-during-his-work-break' meal at Schnippers (because Bill is done with Local Projects, NOT because we are done with Schnippers!), Bill's cousin Matty texted to see if we had plans for the evening.

Matty is a Long Island firefighter. So you have to say his name Mad-DEE!

We hadn't seen Matty, yet - and so we enthusiastically wondered if he and his lovely fiance' would venture the long trip to the tip of Manhattan for dessert and games and general cousin hanging outy-ness.

Dessert and games it was!

Lizzie is in town and staying with us for the holidays, and Meredith made herself available last minute on a Friday Night (thanks, girl!). We ordered burritos, played a new card game called "Maybe" (which I'll have to get the rules for, 'cause that's definitely one to bring home to my card-playing family), ate too much cake and ice cream and laughed harder than I have laughed in a good long while.

It was clensing.

At one point, it threatened to be a bit too clensing. Matty and Nicole are hilarious together, and matched with Lizzie's wit, it was nearly too much for me. There was one point when I had to really concentrate to keep from, you know, losing it.

(I've had three kids. Leave me alone.)

I had SO much fun with these cousins that weren't even mine until I married the coolest man ever. And get this - next week, Matty and Nicole are going to let us come hang with them on their island. Show us their favorite digs. Their new house. And...

...Matty just may have suggested a tour of his firehouse (where the commemoration banner for his winning a medal for saving a woman's life when he dragged her from her burning home still hangs on the walls, I'm told by his proud and doting fiance') which just might end with a ride in his rig.

That's right, folks.

A Long Island firefighter is taking us on a ride IN HIS FIRETRUCK.

Wyatt's head is going to explode.

And now I go to give my man a haircut. Happy Weekend, everyone!


Kristen said...

Oh wow.... Luke's head would totally explode, too.

Have a Merry Christmas Stepper and gang!!