It was an emotional weekend that just passed for Bill and I.

News of Sandy Hook left us with hearts somehow both broken and numb. How does one process such a thing? How can such a thing be the immediate reality for so many? How can such a nightmare walk around in broad daylight so gratingly?

That night, friends told us about the Mormon feminist movement inviting women to wear pants on Sunday in support. What followed was an emotional journey for me - one that began with confusion and cynicism and ended (thankfully) with a loving understanding of and a deeply felt sorrow for the my sisters in the gospel who are hurting.

I want so much to share the journey I've had with these difficult topics - but the burden feels too heavy, still.


Will you be patient? Will you care to hear my part, even if it is after the topics are no longer so immediately on everyone's lips?

And will you forgive me for my unkept promise of daily posts?

And will you also tell me how nice I look today, even though all I could manage was a sloppy bun for my hair and a half-hearted twist of the mascara wand for my face (while we're on the topic of favors)?


Briana said...

You are always beautiful :)

Jenn said...

Yes, please comment on these things because they are hard for me to process too, and I want to hear your thoughts, no matter how long after the fact, I will still be thinking about it. And although Post Everyday Stepper is my favorite, I love any posts, anytime.